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  • Yoga and Meditaion Cushion for Home and Studio
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GOA Premium Cork Cushion For Meditation And Yoga Practice

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Goa’s Cushion is designed to be used during your meditation or yoga practices.

This amazing cushion is made of high-quality cork fabric. It is resistant, durable, lightweight and easy to carry around. With a generous height, you will be sitting comfortably for a longer period.

Perfect as a meditation seat or floor cushion for a peaceful and relaxing practice. With Goa’s meditation cushion you will forget your body and the sounds around you. You will only focus on your favourite mediation technic.




Cork Fabric



Diameter: 29 cm / 11.4 in 

Height: 12 cm / 4,7 in 

Weight: 200 g / 7 oz


Care instructions

- When dirty, clean it using a damp cloth and wipe it with a dry cloth.
- Do not place it in the dishwasher.
- Do not use a brush.